Project Title: Caring for the Care Giver in Sierra Leone

Commissioned by: UNICEF Sierra Leone

Technical Partner: KIT

Contact: Royal Tropical Institute (Kit) Mauritskade 641092 AD Amsterdam, the Netherlands Tele:+31205688223

Period: April 2021-November 2021 (Phased)

Scope: One District

Oxford Policy Management(OPM)

Project Title: Maintaining Essential Services after Natural Disasters (Maintains)” Operational Research in Sierra Leone

Commissioned by: Oxford Policy Management(OPM)

Contact: Clarendon House, Level 3,  52 Cornmarket Street
Tel: +44 (0)1865 207 300
Email: Oxford OX1 3HJ
Registered in England: 3122495 United Kingdom.

Period: April 2020 to June 2023

Scope: National

John Hopkins University Bloomberg

Project Title: Understanding Multi-Level Factors that Influence Risk of Zoonosis in Sierra Leone: Formative Research and Outcomes Monitoring

Commissioned by: John Hopkins University Bloomberg, School of Public Health Centrer for Communications Programs

Period: May-July 2021

Scope: 1 District


Integrated Transport Planning Ltd (ITP)

Project Title: Integrated and Resilient Urban Mobility Project

Commissioned by: Integrated Transport Planning Ltd (ITP)

Contact: Address  50, North Thirteenth Street, Milton Keynes, MK9 3BP.

Period: August 2020-July 2022

Scope: 1 District

Project Title: Sierra Leone Bridges Feasibility Study and Preliminary RAP

Commissioned by: Integrated Transport Planning Ltd (ITP)

Contact: Cardno Emerging markets ( BELGIUM) Avenue Louise
479 ( Box 53) 1st Floor, 1050 Brussels, Belgium Bernard Basteyns

Period: December 2020-February 2021

Scope: Three District