Grace Bangura

Grace – has worked with Dalan as a Research Associate since 2011. She is a seasoned researcher with exceptional skills in collecting quantitative and qualitative data as well as a skilled transcriber. Immediately after she was recruited as a Research associate, she benefitted from training sessions organized by Dalan international partners, covering the following topics: Instrument development for the collection of quantitative and qualitative data and basic analysis of qualitative data using ATLAS TI software package. In the last six years, she has led several research projects as a supervisor, relevant to Health, WASH, Gender and Agriculture sectors.

Amos Bunduka

Amos – has participated in several initiatives for Dalan Development Consultants since 2009. He has been a valuable team member for the implementation of strategic initiatives including a review of the 2013 Anti-Corruption strategy, and as a facilitator to build capacity for facility management committees, instituted by the National Social Action Commission (NaCSA). Amos has undertaken several research-related assignments as a supervisor and is a very strong qualitative researcher.

Mohamed Feika

Mohamed – joined Dalan in 2009 as an enumerator and progressed to the position of a field supervisor, and project coordinator over time. Mohamed has been involved in a variety of projects across different sectors such as Education, Health, WASH, Governance and Agriculture. Mohamed is competent in collecting quantitative data using paper or electronic approaches. He is also a skilled qualitative researcher, including writing transcripts from a local dialect into English and coding transcripts for analysis. Apart from Dalan, Feika has worked for ICAP of Columbia University as a research associate. In his earlier career, he worked for Procredit Bank as a client officer and corporate affairs officer and for EcoBank as a marketing officer.



Jamil – worked for Dalan between 2010-2016. He started as a Research Associate and progressed to the rank of Project Coordinator. Jamil was involved in several projects within this period. And is a skilled qualitative and quantitative researcher. Whilst serving as a Coordinator with World Vision from 2018 to 2019, he deepened his experience in reviewing research tools, drawing up qualitative/quantitative analysis databases/frameworks for various studies using excel and other applications. He has the capacity to generate outputs from analysis frameworks, building on themes and preliminary findings from qualitative scripts/frameworks, and also has skills to design a Survey Tool using different software applications such as Kobo Toolbox, Open Data Kit (ODK), Survey CTO, Google forms, and SPSS for various projects. He is currently available to Dalan as an Associate.

Samuel Kanu

Samuel – started working with Dalan as a Research Associate in 2007, and has supported Dalan activities since. He has served in several capacities as enumerator, supervisor, facilitator and as independent transcriber. He is currently a lead supervisor, for traffic-related surveys undertaken over the last three years to improve the transportation infrastructure in Sierra Leone. In his earlier career, Samuel Kanu has worked for International Rescue Committee (IRC) as a social worker, and for the Republic of Sierra Leone Military Force (RSLMF)-now Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RLSLAF), as Infantry Corporal.


Saidu Kargbo

Saidu – He is currently an established Research Associate with Dalan since 2019. He is a communicator with fieldwork management skills for both qualitative and quantitative data collection projects. He has acquired strong leadership in leading schools assessments studies. Between 2017 and 2019, he has progressed from a field supervisor to regional coordinator and to fieldwork manager position respectively in the Ministry of Education LEH WE LEARN Secondary Grade Learning Assessment (SGLA) project series (Rounds 1, 11,111). He is computer literate with knowledge in word, excel and power point. He also has skills and knowledge in the use different data collection software like CS-pro, Survey CTO, Agbo Flow, Open Data Kit (ODK), and Kobo Collect.

Mustapha Gary Koroma

Mustapha – Has worked with Dalan as a research associate since 2017 and more recently as a Data Analyst. Mustapha Koroma is a competent field data collector and has in-depth experienced in collecting quantitative data using paper and computer-based electronic approaches, as well as in using qualitative data collection approaches such as Key Informant Interviews (KII) and Focus Group Discussions( FGD). His undergraduate training in Computer Science, coupled with the training he received as a certified technology specialist, at the International Technology Institute in New Dehli in India, prepared him well for a past position as a tutor in software application and in hardware maintenance and networking. Likewise, skills gained in the development of electronic data platforms and the use of data analysis software packages such as SPSS and CSPro, are valuable skills for the current position he holds at Dalan as a Data Analyst.


Jenneh Lahai

Jenneh – Has worked with Dalan for over a decade as a Research Associate, and while also serving in other capacities as a field coordinator and supervisor. Jenneh is highly competent in collecting both qualitative and quantitative, across sectors such as Education, Health, and Environment, Social impact Assessments and Transport sectors. She is fluent in multiple languages, which is an advantage for gathering data in all five regions in the country.


Susan Martyn

Susan – Has worked with Dalan for the past ten years in various capacities such as Research Associate, Supervisor and Team Leader with vast knowledge in the use of quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. In her earlier career, Susan has worked with Youth and Child Advocacy Network YACAN as Community Volunteer Trainer (CVT). She has also earned a certificate of participation in a four days training on life skilled component on Gender HIV/ AIDS Malaria, Sexual and Reproductive Health.


Christiana Sam

Christiana – Is a highly motivated Research Associate, who has worked for Dalan since 2018, she has good writing and communication skills. Christiana has been involved in a variety of projects at Dalan and has served as supervisor /team lead. She has demonstrated high-quality skills in collecting qualitative and quantitative data. Before joining Dalan, Christiana served in the capacity as monitoring, evaluation and learning coordinator for Oxfam GB, Action Against Hunger (Kambia Office) and Save the Children (Kailahun Office).