Company overview

Dalan Development Consultants (DDC) Limited is a Sierra Leonean owned Management and Development Consultancy firm established in 2003, with activities all over the country. Dalan provides technical assistance and engages in social science research, programme delivery, monitoring and evaluation in development related fields. We specialize in five areas: Health and social programes, Programme Management, Environment and Natural Resources, Enterprise Development and Facilitation. Cross sectoral programmes include, providing support to strengthen health, water and sanitation, environment and natural resources and pro poor systems.

The assessments we have been engaged with across sectors, involve the collection of quantitative data using standardized questionnaires and/or qualitative data using variety of methods including focus group discussion and or In-depth interview methods.

Client Focus
  • We put our clients first.
  • We work smarter and make sacrifices to assure customer satisfaction.
  • We hire the best, and include peer reviews to guarantee high-quality results
  • Consultants are only placed on assignments where their qualifications, skills, experience and expertise will deliver excellence.
  • You can count on us.